6 Realistic ways to Make Money from Your Phone

Now before I get any ones hopes up. I would like to start by saying, that making money from your phone with little up front investment is a long process. With these successful ways to make money from your phone you will learn how to make money from free traffic.

Make money from your phone

Of course having a small amount of money will help you start earning much faster. Paid tools, and Paid ads will be your best friend in the long run. Paid tools will help you make money much more efficiently. By allowing you to spy on competition, perform detailed analytics about your audience, and much.. more.


Fiverr, A very renowned freelance service allows for creation of a unique store. For services like graphic design, video editing, web design, marketing, and much much more. Furthermore, One startup idea was sending a custom message written on an eggplant to anyone in the world. This business is now profiting $200,000 + a year… Off eggplants… The opportunity is endless.

Another way to succeed on Fiverr, Is to resell other peoples services. I have had great success with this business model, and want to share my first successful product. I found 3 services, A designer who makes Facebook ads ($15), a marketing agent who runs Facebook ads($50), a sponsored post on related a page($20). $85 total spent I then resold the package as “I will develop a quality marketing campaign for your business” I resell the service for $179.95 and am getting hits to this day. Get started at Fiverr now


Blogging isn’t for everyone, but rewarding for some. Spend past time sharing wisdom with the world. Share a life trade, discuss your favorite hobby, or educate readers about a certain cause. The list goes on and on. In theory, Blogs are profitable platforms to generate income. How? With monetizing of course! Google Adsense, and Affiliate Marketing are effective strategies. Get paid per click on google ads displayed on your site, and receive commission for selling affiliate products.

Blogging is effective since your blog posts remains on the internet for years to come. Passively generate income by blogging once a day, or few times a week. Get started with creating a blog by finding the best web hosting of 2020 here!

Affiliate Marketing

After an established platform of consistent traffic such as, A social media account with many followers, Facebook page with many followers or even an email list. Affiliate marketing is your best friend. Here’s a detailed guide relating to affiliate marketing. The most attractive aspect is selling other peoples products for a commission. General affiliate programs will pay 20-30% commission of the total product price. Amazon affiliates pay out up to 5% on most products. Click here for some other successful ways to make money from your phone.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Now this method of making money online requires some up front investment, maybe around 50$. But is very rewarding in the long run. PPC for short, is the process of paying search engines per click on your ad. The beauty of PPC is the quality of potential customers seeing your ad. When setting up PPC campaigns a business should include relevant keywords to the product/service. When a google user types in your keyword “ie. Used Macbook Pro” the ad created will be the first search object to appear in the search engine. On average you will pay $1 – $3 per click.

How is this useful, Statistics from google say 71% of searches only browse the first page of search options, while 54% of user interact with the top 2 websites. In short, If someone is searching for a “Used Macbook Pro” it’s almost positive the ad will be clicked. Game plan. Build a simple squeeze page for a product you would like to sell, create a PPC campaign sending user to that page, sit back and watch the money pile up. PPC also works well with affiliate marketing.

Writing an eBook

eBooks are the turn of the century, with ease of access, accessibility, and cheaper prices. eBooks range from 1$ all the way to $100, but the glory is the eBook will always be available for purchase. Passive income at its finest. The topic of the eBook should be something that appeals to a large audience. And also something that will be relevant for years to come. Pick something that interests you, and provide quality value throughout the book. Furthermore, Make sure that your eBook is appealing, and professional.

To Finish

In closure, the possibilities of making money online is endless, but requires massive trial and error. I have failed more times that I have succeeded, and you will to. What defines us from the other 100,000 people that have tried these techniques, Is NOT giving up. Don’t give up on failure, keep innovating, learning, and trying new strategies.

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