How to grow your Instagram followers in October 2019

As an up and coming local small business, or even an established company – CEOs must make the conscious decision to join the social media craze of Instagram and start to grow your Instagram followers.

Why? The average brand following of any company will increase an average following of 6% – 8% a month… Considering that Instagram is a free traffic source, who doesn’t want to find more potential customers.

Finding Customers on Instagram

Instagram Techniques – I have grown several niche related profiles over the past years. Including Luxury Travel, Business Motivation, Law of attraction/Manifestation, a CBD account, and a couple eCommerce niche ideas in the making, as well over 20 Child accounts promoting certain aspects of these pages. Growing niche accounts is a great way to grow a community of possible customers.

What is working…

– CONCISE HASHTAG SELECTION – It has taken me many tries to devise quality lists of hashtags to use. Small profiles with less than 2,500 followers never make it in a set of hashtags, with 500k to 1 million posts. Which should be self explanatory. Considering the amount of saturation and bot traffic in tags like, #follow4follow or #instamood. Find hashtags that correspond to your niche that have 10,000 – 25,000 – 100,000 posts and use trial and error to determine which hashtags are getting the most engagement and start to grow your Instagram followers. 

  • 1 – 2,500 Followers 80% # (10,000 – 100,000 posts)
  • 2,500 – 10,000 80% # (100,000 – 500,000)
  • 10,000 + 80% # (500k – 1mill)
Stolen Quotes – Custom Content 🙂

– Original Content – There is a huge wave of users that are scraping, and re-posting entire profiles. With the goal of growing there own niche page with little effort. While this may have worked in some cases – it is now being heavily abused. And you will not find it to be very beneficial at all. Create fresh content with a specific brand in mind that will capture the attention of someone scrolling by.

Social Media Automation

– Mother Child Method – Although in 2019 there is a huge wave of blocks with social media botting. However, I have still managed to slide past Instagram. And, continue growing my accounts on average of 20-50 organic followers daily. My strategy is to use 10 Child account that post promotional products throughout the day, follows a specific demo-graph of users, and DM messages to new followers. In Short, I then link the Child Bios To the mother bio. And drive a steady 20 followers daily just through followings. 

Other Useful tips

  • Don’t focus too much on a positive follow/following ratio. A new follow is almost certain to receive attention. As well as,generate interaction with your profile. And, Follow as many people you think could benefit from your product. (PRO TIP – Follow users that have interacted with recent posts of similar niches 😉
  • Really Focus on a unique username.. the Difference between @CBD_Bathbombs and @bathbombsbeautycbd. It’s prooven, Your username and avatar are the first thing that someone notices, and should be heavily thought out.
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