How to make money on Instagram for 2020

Chances are that any reading this article owns and operates an Instagram account. Have you ever wondered if you could make money on Instagram? Fear not, I have all the answers.

Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

If my loyal community is unfamiliar with Affiliate Marketing. I have a in depth article Here, but basically it allows for a $zero up front method to generating income. How is this possible, Small business’s alike submit their products, and services to affiliate companies. In hopes, That the user of the affiliate network can sell their product. That’s us! Commission is generated upon the sale of an item through the given link.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

There are many Affiliate groups to consider working for. But for the time being there are a couple that require minimal approval. For people just starting out in affiliate marketing, I recommend these two services to make money on Instagram.

Click Bank – Click bank has very much potential to making you money off your Instagram traffic. Once approved on Click Bank you can instantly start marketing their offers for a commission. Including, Health and Fitness Products, Software Products, Lawn and Garden Products, and Many more.

Amazon Associates – Amazon Associates is very easy to get started with. Simply grab the link to an item you feel fits your niche. And easily display it on your Blog or Website. In light of, Amazon has a link building tool that can build a custom ad, or just a short link. Amazon keeps track of any purchases made through your link. Even if it wasn’t the original product 🙂

Making money on Instagram

So before you pick an affiliate offer to sell you need to establish an Instagram page. I’m gonna be honest, It is a somewhat long process to grow an Instagram account. However, very highly rewarding in the future as it generates passive income. Furthermore, you will need to establish a niche. Popular examples of niche accounts are Health and Fitness, Business Motivation, And Fashion. Build up an Instagram account on a niche that is interesting. Unique content will always drive more visitors. Click Here, for a guide on Organically growing your Instagram followers.

Getting free traffic to affiliate offers

  • Post relative stories daily 3-9
  • Post Content Daily 1-3 Posts
  • Engage through Instagram stories
  • Follow users engaging with competition
  • DM new followers a special offer
  • Pro Tip – Create your own landing page to start generating an email list.

For more Tips and Tricks on growing Instagram followers, Chances are if a new niche account is started now. It could hit 1000-2000 followers by the end of the year. Giving the perfect opportunity for a New Years Special 😉

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