What is Jarvee and how can it skyrocket Social Media Growth

Managing social media accounts is difficult as it is. especially when you need multiple account for your business. Automation can save you hundreds of dollars in labor costs, while increasing engagement with potential clients. What is automation? Services such as Jarvee automate tasks that can hog up your time while speeding up social media growth.

What is Jarvee? Jarvee is a social media marketing machine that contains a generous amount of unique features. Including tools for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and a few more.However, For this tutorial only the most effective will be covered.

Explosive Instagram Growth

Instagram Tool

Jarvee holds a large library of Instagram tools to help your social media growth. Common features of Jarvee, Auto follow, Auto like, Auto comment. Jarvee allows for customization of filters to find the related audience.In addition, Jarvee also features a detailed timer; which allows for precise follow quantities, follow frequencies, and sleep timers. Which in short, make it seem as human as possible. As of September 2019 there is a large amount of blocks associated with automation, Here is a guide around the blocks.

Jarvee contains many other features for Instagram. Including, Post scraping, account creation, un-follow, re posting, story viewing, and scheduled posting. Here’s a more detailed guide on advanced Jarvee tools. Scheduled posting is a very helpful tool if you would like to automate a post schedule. In addition, Jarvee allows for scheduled posting campaigns to post on a set random interval, or a random interval throughout the day.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube Marketing

Pinterest Tool

Similar to Instagram, Pinterest allows for automation of liking, following, and reposting. YouTube and Twitter also allow for following and engaging. In addition, Pinterest is a great platform for marketing, and Jarvee allows for scheduled campaigns, repinning, and board creation. Jarvee can repin up to 100 pins a board per day, therefore building a large platform of free traffic. Jarvee also features scheduled posting for all these platforms increasing your social media growth.

Jarvee is membership basis, with the base plan starting at 30$ a month. Click here to get started with Jarvee

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