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As many know, this years wave of Instagram updates have severely impacted the community of Jarvee automation. While many have been undergoing frequent blocks whilst using the many tools. Jarvee developers have been working tirelessly to combat the recent updates, and to bring working settings for Jarvee. Here is a review of Jarvee, if it is your first time hearing about it.

For many, automating social media accounts with Jarvee is a huge aspect of your business. And today I’d like to show you how it can still work for you and your business. Going forward towards 2020 Instagram will continue to increase its focus on API use. It will become more difficult to find working settings for Jarvee.

How to save hundreds’ of actions per day

Action – 1 Follow or 1 Like or 1 Comment or API Call (Following off source, profile,followings,specifics)

For new accounts, and accounts newer than 6 months. Instagram limits the Actions vastly, but there are many factors that go into it. Scraping Sources – Is the number 1 way to cut out API use, and help get past Instagram blocks. In order to scrape sources, it is necessary to have a separate added slave account. This slave account will scrape sources from a target variable, and send it to the main accounts tools.

Slave account scrape settings

These are the settings of the Follow Tool > of the scraper profile. Scraping usernames is not the same as following someone, we can be more lenient with settings. Refer to Next Picture for Extracted Users.

Now, Under Slave Account > Follow > Follow Sources. Select the source you would like to scrape users from, and send to extracted users. I highly suggest to pick “Follow users that interacted with Target post”. Select a relevant page to your niche, and select a recent post that got a lot of interaction.

MUST have this selected, if you want to scrape the followers into your main account.

After you have added you desired source to your scraper profile, YOU MUST select this option after the follow limits box. This will send all the extracted users from the designated post or source you select to the extracted users. In short, The process should be about 500 users scraped per hour depending on settings.

Once you are satisfied with results click “Send to specific accounts” and select the main account you would like to send the scraped users to.

Main account follow sources

Furthermore, After you have sent all the scraped users to “specific accounts” the list will be available under most of the common tools! In your Main profiles follow settings > sources simply select “Follow user from specific list” the scraped users should pop up.

Main account > Follow Settings > Follow Sources > Follow Specific Users – If for some reason the list does not pop up, make sure that you sent the extracted users over correctly.

So after you have your list of scraped users it’s time to get started with the settings. The main tools it’s used for is Follow, Unfollow, Like, Comment, Contact, and anything else you might find it useful for.

Working Settings for Jarvee

Now that you have figured out how to cut down on API use we can begin to test different tools in Jarvee. Here is the following settings for warming up new or dead accounts. Instagram tracks everything about it’s accounts and can easily tell bots from humans. It’s imperative that automation is made as humanly as possible, But these settings can be used for other tools as well.

Never exceed 10 follows an hour unless warmed up, start at 50 follows a day and work up to 160-180

I have found these settings to be successful. I would highly recommend using the “Add random sleep time too” as well as the “Stop tool for “x” tool “. Another way to trick Instagram is randomizing actions during specific time slots of the day.

Using set intervals throughout the day that randomize daily is one of the best ways to seem as human as possible.

Everyone wants consistent growth

To close, Instagram automation is rewarding and can still be taken advantage of with Jarvee. Actions through Jarvee should be as Human as possible, with little API use. In my opinion, Automation will always serve a purpose in social media marketing. The trick is finding how Automation can save you time and money, while improving your brand/business. Click Here for another post about making money on Instagram.

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